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ASEAN Regional Mine Action Center Regional Workshop 2018

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Session 12. Group Discussions

General Information

Date:14 November 2018
Duration:1 hour and 30 minutes

Session Notes

Group discussions on:

Format of the Session

During the Workshop participants will be given a group discussion handout, matrix and group list. Participants are requested to study these documents and complete the matrix prior to the group discussion on the third day of the Workshop.

During the session, participants will sit in their assigned groups (as per the provided group list) around a table for the discussion. Groups will receive an introduction on how to undertake the session by the MC before commencing. Participants should bring their completed matrix and group discussion handout which will to help guide them during the session.

The first part of the discussion aims to identify the needs and resources of countries/institutions in relation to mine action training programmes.
The second part will seek to identify needs and resources for mine action programmes.

At the end of the discussion each group will give a short 5 minute presentation on the main points discussed and their chosen priority areas. Please review the group handout to see which groups will present on the different sections. A flip chart and permanent markers will be provided to each group to record ideas and assist with the presentation.

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