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ASEAN Regional Mine Action Center Regional Workshop 2018

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Session 5. Lessons Learnt from the Integrated Approach to Victim Assistance

General Information

Date:12 November 2018
Duration:1 hour and 30 minutes


In the ASEAN region, mines/explosive remnants of war (ERW) continue to cause debilitating injuries to both the physical wellbeing and mental health of individuals. Direct victim assistance (VA) through the provision of medical treatment, physical rehabilitation, skills development and education is therefore of crucial importance. Beyond this assistance, there is also a need to provide a sustainable long-term commitment to upheld the rights and address the needs of victims through effective VA approaches.

The integrated approach to VA underscores the dual imperatives: (i) to ensure that specific victim assistance efforts act as a catalyst for the inclusion and well-being of persons with disabilities and other vulnerable groups, and (ii) to ensure that broader efforts reach the victims among the beneficiaries. This approach had been implemented by many countries in ASEAN and other parts of the world even before its official launch. It continues to be implemented to some extent varying from country to country. Maybe to some countries, it has not been addressed as the integrated approach to VA but some specific activities they have implemented, already feed into one of the dual imperatives highlighted above.

This is one among other approaches that have helped states improve the quality of life and uphold the rights of victims of mines/ERW and to empower them.


This session aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Share lessons learnt from implementing the integrated-approach to VA and recommend what other approaches/programmes can learn from this approach
  2. Identify the challenges faced in VA in general
  3. Explore how to individually (organisation or country of the panellist) and collectively (ASEAN) address these challenges

Format of the Session

The Co-Chairs are assigned to lead the discussion of the panel, and each speaker is given seven to ten minutes of presentation time. Each panellist can talk about the context of one country (respective country of panellist from AMS) or many countries in ASEAN. The presentation may be done in PowerPoint, pdf, or any other relevant format.

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