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ASEAN Regional Mine Action Center Regional Workshop 2018

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Session 8. Land Release: Innovative Technology and Methodology

General Information

Date:13 November 2018
Duration:1 hour and 30 minutes


Introduction of land release methodology has been a breakthrough that improved efficiency of releasing mine/ERW contaminated land for productive uses through the technical survey and non-technical survey compared to the traditional clearance method. Application of various approaches including manual clearance asset, mechanical asset and detection animals to the appropriate tasks taking into account the size of contamination, geographical conditions and relevant factors can further boost the output.

Mine action community has also witnessed the technological development of protective equipment, detection machine, other mechanical assets and information management which have played a critical role in the land release process.

There have been strengths and weaknesses of each method and asset. While currently, efficiency can be achieved by applying different methodology and technology to different context, this reminds us that there remains greater scope for innovation, making the best use of resources while maintaining the quality and safety. As such, this session seeks to understand what have been learned from using the current technology and methodology in land release.


This session aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Share best practices of land release methodology and technology among stakeholders
  2. Identify challenges in the application of various methods/approaches/tools in land releases
  3. Discuss how methodology and technology can be innovated to enhance efficiency of land release

Format of the Session

The Co-Chairs are assigned to lead the discussion of the panel, and each speaker is given seven to ten minutes of presentation time. Each panellist can talk about the context of one country (respective country of panellist from AMS) or many countries in ASEAN. The presentation may be made in PowerPoint, pdf, or other relevant formats.

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